Staten Island FDNY retirees patch FDNY Logo with retired label


We are a group of retired and active New York City Firefighters, of all ranks, who reside mainly on Staten Island, New York,

although our membership extends outside the city.

    Our Goals Are:

        To unite all of our members for their mutual protection and welfare.

        To encourage Esprit-De-Corps.

        To take the steps necessary to accomplish the objectives of the organization as mandated by the membership.

        To sponsor conferences, seminars, various social gatherings, and outings for our membership.

        To utilize the wealth of fire safety knowledge possessed by the membership to improve Fire Protection and safety for the community 

        at large.

     Meetings are held at the B.P.O Elks Lodge, 3250 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Except during the months of July and August we do not meet.  Our June meeting is held in conjunction with our annual picnic, and the December meeting is held prior to our annual Christmas party.   To join our association CLICK HERE for an application

Port Richmond Firehouse

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