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BENEFIT INFORMATION      Updated 10/1/04

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UFA Retiree Health Benefits:

 The Uniformed Firefighters Association web site has a list of Retiree Health Benefits that are provided by the UFA Security Benefit Fund.

Log on to UFA Retiree Benefits


Explanation of COLA Pension Benefit:

 The Uniformed Fire Officers Association Web Site has a good explanation of the COLA  Pension benefit. For new retirees in explains when you become eligible for COLA benefits.


Explanation of COBRA Health Insurance Benefit:

 The NYC Health Benefits Program’s Web Site explains the COBRA Health Insurance option for widows.

Log on to NYC Health Benefits Program.

This is site is the source of information for all NYC health plans for both active and retired members.


Widows Health Insurance:

 Fire and Police Widows Health Insurance Coverage was passed into law.

State Chapter Law 436 – 11/13/01 Widow’s Bill S2075B

 The law provides that the surviving spouse upon request can continue their health coverage by paying 100% of the group rate plus a 2% administrative cost. This is a savings over the cost purchasing it on an individual basis. They have to request this continuance from the Health Benefits Program within one year of becoming eligible.

 For information, premium cost and application, contact:

NYC Health Benefits Program

40 Rector Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10006.

Phone (212) 523-0470, (212) 306-7600, or (212) 306-7300.

If requesting by mail, send certified mail, return receipt requested.


Honor Emergency Fund:

 The UFA Web site has an explanation of the Honor Emergency Fund. It explains when assistance is granted and how to apply for it.

Log on to Honor Emergency Fund


Surgical Assistance Fund

The Surgical Assistance Fund provides partial payment from $10 to $625, according to an established fee schedule. This benefit to its members is for surgical procedures only and certain specified additional items.

Retired members of the UFOA will receive a reminder postcard in June to pay their dues by July 31st. Married members pay $15. Single members and widows pay $10. Retired members of the UFA and their spouses do not pay as the UFA pays their fee. If dues are not paid promptly, members will be dropped from the plan. Once dropped you will not be reinstated. A widow will receive a letter from the fund and can enroll for an annual fee of $10.

You have one year to submit a claim. For information and to request the MD-35-1 application form call 718) 999-1252. If you have any questions or doubts, request the information and submit the proper forms in duplicate to: UFA/UFOA Surgical Assistance Fund, 9 Metro Tech Center, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201

 Prescription Drug Assistance

 New York State EPIC – Prescription Protection for Seniors.

For residents of NY State who are 65 or older with an annual income under $35,000 (single) or $50,000  (married). Depending on income you either pay an annual fee (Fee Plan) or meet an annual deductible (Deductible Plan). For more information and application call 1-800-332-3742 or write EPIC P.O. Box 15018 Albany, NY 12212-5018