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    Changing Health Plans                                                                                      P11/06

Retirees may transfer Health Plans or add an Optional Rider during the even-numbered year Transfer Periods. The transfer period is November of even numbered years and is effective January 1st. Check with your union.


Additionally, retirees who have been retired for at least one year can take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime provision to transfer or add an optional rider at any time. Once-in-a-lifetime transfers become effective on the first of the month following the date that the Health Benefits Application is processed.


If you permanently move outside of your plan’s service area, you may transfer within 31 days to another plan without waiting for the next Transfer Period. Also, if you move into the service area of a plan, you may transfer within 31 days to that plan.


Forward a Health Benefits Application to the NYC Health Benefit Program. Form with instructions can be downloaded from their web site Application Form . Medicare-eligible retirees may need a special form by their health plan.


You or Your Spouse Becomes Eligible for Medicare  4/1/03


When you or your spouse becomes eligible for Medicare, Medicare provides your first level of benefits. The NYC Health Benefits program is your secondary coverage. The Health Benefits Program supplements Medicare but does not duplicate benefits.You must join Medicare Part A & B as soon as you are eligible. If you do not join you will lose whatever benefits Medicare would have provided. Contact Social Security 3 months prior to turning 65.

You must notify the NYC Health Benefits Program in writing (Application Form Section D or E) immediately upon receipt of your or your dependent’s Medicare card. Include the following information: a copy of the Medicare card and birth dates for yourself and spouse, retirement date, pension number and pension system, name of health plan, and name of union welfare fund.

The Health Benefits Program will notify your health plan that you are enrolled in Medicare so that your benefits can be adjusted.

Once the Health Benefits Program is notified that Medicare covers you, will automatically receive the annual Medicare Part B premium reimbursement

You should also notify your union of Medicare eligibility. Additional information may be obtained on the NYC Health Benefits Web Site.  Medicare Information