Firefighters Monument Staten Island 5-5-5-5 Signal graphic

The Staten Island Firefighter’s Memorial

Every year, on a Wednesday morning in early October, thousands of firefighters gather at the New York City Firefighters Memorial on Riverside Drive in upper Manhattan to pay tribute to those hero firefighters who died in the never-ending battle against fire. This is a solemn day as our fallen brothers are remembered. This ceremony is well known throughout the city. There is another Memorial Ceremony that is not as well known.

Earlier in the morning on the same day of the ceremony, there is another gathering of firefighters at the Staten Island Firefighters Monument, which is located on Clove Road near the 8th Division Headquarters. This monument is a tribute to the firefighters who lived or worked on Staten Island and died in the line of duty.

In 1991 the 8th Division was asked to participate in a memorial ceremony at a monument dedicated to Patrolman Thomas Schmenti and to all Civil Servants. It happened that it fell on the same day as the FDNY Memorial Day. It also appeared that we were the only municipal service in attendance. A question was asked, Why don’t we have our own monument on Staten Island? After all there are more than three thousand five hundred active and retired firefighters working or living on Staten Island. Staten Island has one of the largest Retired Firefighter Organizations with almost nine hundred members. The seed was planted the idea was born.

There were many obstacles that had to be overcome before the seed could grow. With the retired firefighters taking the lead. A committee of both active and retired firefighters was formed. A site was found next to the Patrick J. Dalessio Post Veterans War Memorial and state and city approval was obtained. We received much needed support from Borough President Guy Molinari. Fund raising, which we thought would be a problem, was so successful we were able to double the size of the monument. Community support was overwhelming and many businesses donated their services in erecting our monument.

Researching through Fire Department record back over 128 years was a monumental task. Because that Staten Island joined the Fire Department of the City of New York in 1898 one would think our task would have been easier, but it wasnt. We found that at least thirty-six Staten Islanders were killed in the line of duty. Unfortunately the horror of September 11, 1991 added seventy-eight names to the list.

The Monument located at Clove Road and Targee Street In Concord section of Staten Island was dedicated on May 19, 1993 before a crowd much larger than anyone ever expected. This monument of stone is an everlasting reminder to those who pass by. We fellow firefighters do not need a monument of stone to remember, for they live in our hearts forever. As the inscription on the monument profoundly reads,

To live in the hearts of those left behind is not to die.

Staten Island Firefighters Who Died in the Line of Duty


1 AC Gerard Barbara CW Commander

2 F/F Allen Tarasiewicz Rescue 5

3 F/F Andre Fletcher Rescue 5

4 F/F Arthur Barry Ladder 15 *

5 F/F Brian Bilcher Squad 1

6 F/F Brian Cannizzaro Ladder 101 *

7 F/F Brian Sweeney Rescue 1

8 Capt. Martin Egan Jr. Division 15

9 F/F Carl Bini Rescue 5

10 BC Charles Kasper S.O.C.

11 Lt. Charles Margiotta Rescue 5

12 F/F Christopher Mozzillo Engine 55

13 F/F Daniel Libretti Rescue 2

14 F/F David Laforge Ladder 20

15 F/F Douglas Miller Rescue 5

16 Lt. Edward Darti Squad 1

17 F/F Edward Day Ladder 11

18 F/F Eric Olsen Ladder 15

19 F/F  Faustino Apostle Jr.  Battalion 2

20 F/F Francis Esposito Engine 235

21 F/F Gary Geidel Rescue 5 *

22 F/F George DiPasquale Ladder 2

23 Lt. Glenn Perry Battalion 12 *

24 F/F Greg Buck Engine 201

25 Lt. Harvey Harrell Rescue 5

26 F/F Henry Miller Jr. Ladder 105

27 F/F James Giberson Ladder 35

28 F/F James Gray Ladder 20

29 F/F Jeffrey Giordano Ladder 3

30 F/F Jeffrey Olsen Engine 10

31 F/F Jeffrey Palazzo Rescue 5

32 F/F Jeffrey Stark Engine 230

33 F/F Jeffrey Walz  * Ladder 9

34 F/F John Bergan Rescue 5

35 F/F John Chipura Engine 219

36 F/F John McAvoy Ladder 3 *

37 F/F John Santore Ladder 5

38 F/F John Schardt Engine 201

39 F/F John Tierney Ladder 9

40 F/F Jonathan Hohmann Haz Mat

41 Capt. Joseph Farley Division 1

42 BC Joseph Grzelak Battalion 48

43 Lt. Joseph Gullickson Ladder 101

44 F/F Joseph Maffeo Ladder 101

45 F/F Joseph Mascalli Rescue 5

46 F/F Joseph Ogren Ladder 3

47 F/F Louis Arena Ladder 5

48 Capt. Louis Modiferri Rescue 5

49 F/F Louis Ragaglia Engine 54

50 F/F Mark Whitford Engine 23

51 F/F Michael Cammarata Ladder 11

52 F/F Michael Clarke Ladder 2

53 F/F Michael D'Auria Engine 40

54 Lt. Michael Esposito Squad 1

55 F/F Michael Fiori Rescue 5

56 Lt. Michael Fodor Ladder 21

57 Lt. Michael Quilty Ladder 11

58 F/F Neal Leavy Engine 217

59 F/F Nicholas Rossomando Rescue 5

60 F/F Patrick O'Keefe Rescue 1

61 F/F Paul Beyer Engine 6

62 F/F Paul Pisani Engine 10

63 F/F Peter Carroll Squad 1

64 Lt. Peter Martin Rescue 2

65 Lt. Philip Petti Battalion 7

66 F/F Reuben Correa Engine 74

67 F/F Robert Curatolo Ladder 16

68 F/F Robert Lane Engine 55

69 F/F Salvatore Calabro Ladder 101

70 F/F Scott Davidson Ladder 118

71 F/F Sean Hanley Ladder 20

72 F/F Stephen Siller Squad 1

73 F/F Thomas Hannifin Ladder 5

74 F/F Thomas Sabella Ladder 13

75 F/F Timothy McSweeney Ladder 3

76 Civ. Civ. Mark Petrocelli  *  

77 Civ. Civ. Robert Shay  *  

Staten Island FDNY retirees patch FDNY Logo with retired label