Staten Island FDNY retirees patch FDNY Logo with retired label


Staten Island Streets Renamed for Firefighters who died at the World Trade Center on

September 11, 2001

Lieutenant. Joseph Agnello,  Street, Thomas Street, between McKinley Avenue and Gilbert Street

Firefighter Lou Arena Way, Richmond Ave and Nome Avenue

Chief Gerard Barbara, Martling Avenue and Slosson Avenue

Firefighter Arthur T. Barry Way, Elmira Avenue and Wescott Boulevard

Firefighter Brian E. Bilcher Way, Potter Avenue and Fairview Avenue
Firefighter Carl V. Bini Way, Justin Avenue and Amboy Road

Firefighter John Bergin Place, Beach Avenue, between Amboy Road and Prospect Place
Firefighter Brian Cannizzaro Street, Exeter Street, between Katan Avenue and Lamoka Avenue

Firefighter Peter J. Carroll Way, Dongan Avenue and Hodges Place
Firefighter John G. Chipura Avenue, Brehaut Avenue, between Amboy Road and Truman Street

Firefighter Michael J. Clarke Avenue, Valdemar Avenue, between Foster Road and Queensdale Street

Firefighter Robert J. Cordice Boulevard, Kelly Boulevard, between Nome Avenue and Klondike Avenue

Firefighter Robert Curatolo Lane, New Lane and Bay Street

Lieutenant Edward D’Atri Avenue, Merrill Avenue, between Arlene Street and Graham Avenue

Firefighter Michael D’Auria Avenue, Elverton Avenue, between Barlow Avenue and Leverett Avenue
Firefighter Scott M. Davidson, Avenue, East Brandis Avenue, bet Armstrong Avenue and Cortelyou Ave

Firefighter Eddy Day Way, Townsend Avenue and Tompkins Avenue

Firefighter Francis Esposito Avenue, Arden Avenue, between Oakdale Street and Sycamore Street

Captain Michael Esposito Avenue, Kensington Avenue, between McClean Avenue and Foch Avenue

Firefighter Michael Fiore Way, Hoyt Avenue and Forest Avenue
Captain John R. Fischer Way, De Kay Street and Davis Avenue

Firefighter James Giberson Street. Ellsworth Ave and Woodrow Road

Firefighter Gary Geidel, Avenue. Amboy Road and Sleight Avenue

Firefighter Jeffrey Giordano Boulevard, Hylan Boulevard and Page Avenue
Battalion Chief Joesph Grzelak, Beekman Street and Decker Avenue

Firefighter Sean Hanley Way, Oakland Avenue and Whitewood Street

Firefighter Thomas Hannafin Place, Jewett Avenue and Waters Avenue

Lieutenant Stephen Harrell, Hunter Avenue and Father Capodonno Boulvard

Firefighter Richard Kelly Way, Lander Avenue and Richmond Avenue

Firefighter David LaForge Way, Decker Avenue and Barrett Avenue
Firefighter Daniel Libretti Avenue, Ridgewood Avenue, between Barlow Avenue and Leverett Avenue
Firefighter Bobby Lane Way, Brielle Avenue, between Manor Road and Bradley Avenue
Firefighter Joseph Maffeo Avenue, Third Street and Ross Avenue

Firefighter James A. Mascali Way, Bache Ave and Clawson Street.

Firefighter John K. McAvoy Street, St. Patrick’s Place and Center Street.

Firefighter Timothy McSweeney Avenue, Barlow Avenue, bet Miles Avenue and Greaves Avenue

Firefighter Paul Mitchel. Annadale Road and Pine Terrace

Firefighter Carl E. Molinaro Lane, Blueberry Lane in its entirety
Battalion Chief Louis J. Modafferi Avenue, Elverton Avenue, bet Leverett Avenue and Woodland Avenue

Firefighter Christopher Mozzillo Place, Amber Street, between Amboy Road and Shadow Lane

Firefighter Jay Ogren, South Goff Avenue and Kenneth Avenue

Firefighter Eric Taube Olsen Place, Arden Avenue between Hills Street and Barkley Avenue

Firefighter Jeffrey Olsen Street, Elkert Street, between Miles Avenue and Giffords Lane
Firefighter Steven J Olsen, Driggs Street between William Avenue and Osborne Street.

Firefighter Frank Palombo, Monterey Avenue and Drumgoole Road

Firefighter Paul J. Pansini Avenue, Brehaut Avenue, between Amboy Road and Craig Avenue

Firefighter Daniel Perricone, Lyon Place and Watchoque Road

Lieutenant Glen C Perry, Koch Boulevard and Sycamore Street

Lieutenant Philip S. Petti Place, Lincoln Avenue and Oldfield Street

Firefighter Leonard J Ragaglia Way, Manor Road and Benedict Avenue

Fire Patrolman Keith Roma Place, Morton Street and Wilder Avenue

Firefighter Nicholas Rossomando Court, Dawson Court and Carnegie Avenue

Firefighter John A. Santore Way, Kissel Avenue and Castleton Avenue

Firefighter John A. Schardt Avenue, Crossfield Avenue and Annadale Road
Firefighter Jeffrey Stark Avenue, Ramblewood Avenue, bet Sycamore Street and Ocean View Avenue
Firefighter John P. Tierney Place, Amboy Road and Buffalo Street

Lieutenant Jeffrey P. Walz, Avenue, Huguenot Avenue and Hawley Avenue
Firefighter Mark Whitford, Winant Place and Kreisher Street    


The following members have had streets renamed for them. However we do not have the location of the street except that they are on Staten Island. We will attempt to determine the locations.


Firefighter Greg J. Buck Place

Firefighter Patrick Byrne

Firefighter Salvatore Calabro Place

Firefighter Michael Cammarata Place

Firefighter Peter Lewis Freund Avenue

Firefighter William M. Gray Way

Lieutenant Joseph Gullickson Way

Lieutenant Harvey Harrell

Firefighter Thomas W. Kelly Way

Firefighter Kenneth B. Kumpel way

Lieutenant Chuck Margiotta Way

Firefighter Jeff Palazzo Place

Lieutenant Michael T. Quilty way

Firefighter Anthony Rodriquez Avenue

Firefighter Allan Tarasiewicz Corner


Please excuse us for any omissions as we do not have an official source for street naming.  We glean the information as best we can from the Staten Island Advance and the Unions. Please contact us with the name of anyone we may have omitted.


Updated 7/6/05