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Spouse’s Information Upon Death of a Retiree

Upon the Death of a Retiree call the Notification Desk of the NYC Fire Department at(718) 999-2094 and give them the following information;

Name of Member: Address of Member:

Soc Sec #:  

Pension #: Spouse Name:

Appointment Date: Phone #:

Retirement Date:  

Company Appointed to: Funeral Home Name:

Company Retired From:  


Rank: Phone #:

Faith of Member; Viewing Dates & Times:

Date of Birth:  

Date of Death: Name of Church:



Call Members unit:

Date & time of Service:

Phone #: Cemetery Name;



Funeral Escort may be requested only within NYC Limits.

Also Notify:

FDNY Pension Bureau.              (718) 999-2320

Uniformed Firefighters Assoc     (212) 683-4723 or

Uniformed Fire Officers Assoc   (212) 376-8400

Pension Check

Do not cash or if direct deposit, spend the last pension check. Checks are issued on 1stof month for the current month. You may have to return the portion from date of death to end of the month. For example, if death occurs on June 10th, the amount for the remaining 20 days will have to be returned.


Death Certificates are needed for the following;

FDNY Pension, Fire Union, Social Security, Deferred Compensation Plan,

Insurance Policies, Department of Motor Vehicles, Veterans Administration, Financial Institutions, Lawyer


Marriage Certificates are required for Social Security and Veterans Admin.


Discharge Papers are required for Veterans Administration (800) 827-1000


Health Insurance                                                                        P8/3/05


Health Insurance ends upon death of Retiree unless he retired with a Line of Duty Disability Pension and his death was a result the ailment he retired from. In that case the spouse should contact the Pension Section notifying them of the cause of death and request them to continue her health coverage.


All others are eligible to purchase COBRA health insurance coverage. COBRA coverage may be for only for a limited period of time. COBRA must be applied for within 60 days or eligibility.


Spouses now have the ability to purchase health coverage through the NYC Health Benefits Fund at a cost of 102% of the group rate. This must be applied for within one year of eligibility. (As of 7/04 – for an individual on Medicare, GHI  without rider costs $131 per month)


The UFA will provide the spouses Health Insurance and Security Benefit Fund coverage for one year after death. The UFOA does not provide this coverage. Coverage can be purchased from the union.


If Retiree was on Medicare notify NYC Health Benefits Fund requesting reimbursement of current year Medicare Part B payments.  (Affidavit follows)


If member had Catastrophic Health Insurance through the union, it may be continued to be purchased by the spouse. Contact the Catastrophic insurance provider.


It is important that you Contact the Union for additional information and assistance.


See Form Section     

Life Insurance


NYC and the UFA and UFOA have a death benefit that covers the Retiree.


A NYC Death Benefit of $5,800 will be paid to the beneficiary. Processing starts with FDNY notification.


The UFA Security Benefit Fund and the UFOA Family Protection Plan have a death benefit that covers their members. The amount varies according to the age of the Retiree. Processing starts with union notification.


The Retiree also may have opted to purchase additional insurance through their respective union.

UFA/ UFOA  Annuity Fund


The Retiree may still have had an account with the UFA or UFOA Annuity Fund. Contact the respective union for additional information.


Deferred Compensation Plan


If the Retiree had an account with the NYC Deferred Compensation Plan notify them of members death and arrange for disposition of remaining funds.

(212) 306-7760, (888) DCP-3113