Staten Island FDNY retirees patch FDNY Logo with retired label


F/F Faustino Apostle Jr. Battalion 2

F/F Louis Arena Ladder 5

AC Gerard Barbara City Wide Commander

F/F Arthur Barry Ladder 15 *

F/F John Bergan Rescue 5

F/F Paul Beyer Engine 6

F/F Brian Bilcher Squad 1

F/F Carl Bini Rescue 5

F/F Greg Buck Engine 201

F/F Salvatore Calabro Ladder 101

F/F Michael Cammarata Ladder 11

F/F Brian Cannizzaro Ladder 101 *

F/F Peter Carroll Squad 1

F/F John Chipura Engine 219

F/F Michael Clarke Ladder 2

F/F Reuben Correa Engine 74

F/F Robert Curatolo Ladder 16

Lt.  Edward Darti Squad 1

F/F Michael D'Auria Engine 40

F/F Scott Davidson Ladder 118

F/F Edward Day Ladder 11

F/F George DiPasquale Ladder 2

Capt.  Martin Egan Jr. Division 15

F/F Francis Esposito Engine 235

Lt.  Michael Esposito Squad 1

Capt. Joseph Farley Division 1

F/F Michael Fiori Rescue 5

F/F Andre Fletcher Rescue 5

Lt.  Michael Fodor Ladder 21

F/F Gary Geidel Rescue 5 *

F/F James Giberson Ladder 35

F/F Jeffrey Giordano Ladder 3

F/F James Gray Ladder 20

BC Joseph Grzelak Battalion 48

Lt.  Joseph Gullickson Ladder 101

F/F Sean Hanley Ladder 20

F/F Thomas Hannifin Ladder 5

Lt.  Harvey Harrell Rescue 5

F/F Jonathan Hohmann Haz Mat

BC Charles Kasper S.O.C.

F/F David Laforge Ladder 20

F/F Robert Lane Engine 55

F/F Neal Leavy Engine 217

F/F Daniel Libretti Rescue 2

F/F Joseph Maffeo Ladder 101

Lt.  Charles Margiotta Rescue 5

Lt.  Peter Martin Rescue 2

F/F Joseph Mascalli Rescue 5

F/F John McAvoy Ladder 3 *

F/F Timothy McSweeney Ladder 3

F/F Douglas Miller Rescue 5

F/F Henry Miller Jr. Ladder 105

Capt.  Louis Modiferri Rescue 5

F/F Christopher Mozzillo Engine 55

F/F Joseph Ogren Ladder 3

F/F Patrick O'Keefe Rescue 1

F/F Jeffrey Olsen Engine 10

F/F Eric Olsen Ladder 15

F/F Jeffrey Palazzo Rescue 5

F/F Paul Pisani Engine 10

Lt.  Glenn Perry Battalion 12 *

Lt.  Philip Petti Battalion 7

Lt.  Michael Quilty Ladder 11

F/F Louis Ragaglia Engine 54

F/F Nicholas Rossomando Rescue 5

F/F Thomas Sabella Ladder 13

F/F John Santore Ladder 5

F/F John Schardt Engine 201

F/F Stephen Siller Squad 1

F/F Jeffrey Stark Engine 230

F/F Brian Sweeney Rescue 1

F/F Allen Tarasiewicz Rescue 5

F/F John Tierney Ladder 9

F/F Jeffrey Walz  * Ladder 9

F/F Mark Whitford Engine 23

Civ. Mark Petrocelli  *  

Civ. Robert Shay  *  

Seventy-eight of the three hundred and forty three firefighters that were killed at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 lived on Staten Island.

 Their names are listed on this page.

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Click here For a list of Staten Islanders killed on 9-11 with a biography for each one

Click Here To view a list of Staten Island streets named after the deceased Firefighters









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